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Here are some cool links and resources that you might enjoy:

Try Hold'Em Indicator ​for a HUD that works on Ignition and BetOnline!

My friend Phil's new company - LA beer tours.  Yay beer!

​My friend Jesse's high-stakes live pokerblog- a really entertaining read.

My friend Matt's online poker stream - lots of fun, plus he's an absolute crusher.

My friend Ariel's ​sites help you out with e-wallets and crypto betting.

Deucescracked- great poker training site with forums, instructional videos, and coaching.

2+2 poker forums - huge poker forums with something for everyone.  I got my start here.

Meow! - my favorite recent cat video.  Oink!- a pig video! 

Blergh!- my favorite seal video - you won't be disappointed. Second favorite!  And a third!

Check it out!