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Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino (formerly Bovada) is the best option for almost everyone!

Most traffic of any USA-facing site - lots of NLHE, PLO, and MTTs/SNGs, and it's the only site with good traffic for less-popular games like LHE, LO8, and PLO8.  Ignition has the softest games of any USA-facing network.  It also has very fast cashouts, with checks taking about a week and Bitcoin taking only a few days.  There's a 100% up to $1000 first deposit poker bonus or a 100% up to $1000 casino deposit bonus.  They're the only USA-facing site to offer a “fast” poker variant, called Zone Poker.  You can play Ignition on PC, Mac, or mobile devices, and they have p2p transfers, a sportsbook, and an online casino.

Cons:  There’s no rakeback, so make sure to max out that first deposit bonus.  The software is a bit slow, and you can only play up to 4 cash tables at a time.  

X-factor:  The anonymous software - the whole site is set up this way.  There are no usernames and you can't track individual players across tables or sessions.  Some folks don’t like the anonymous setup but I think it's actually a positive, as it helps protect the ecosystem and keeps the games healthy.  Players can’t target or chase each other, so there is less predatory behavior than on other sites.  This means that games break less often and there are always juicy tables for you!  
Hold'Em Indicator  is the best option for a compatible HUD, as PT/HEM don't work here.  Check it out!

Also:  Bitcoin is your best bet for deposit/withdrawal and Ignition is offering bonuses to encourage people to move in that direction.  You can also often deposit with credit/debit card (if you have trouble then try a Netspend prepaid card) as well as Western Union.  Unfortunately, new accounts from these states are not allowed: DE, MD, NJ, NV, NY.

Any questions? 

Ready to get going? Follow these steps:

​1) Uninstall the Ignition software if it's already on your computer.

2) Clear cookies in your internet browser - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  If not done properly, your account won't get tagged to me and I won't be able to help out in future.  Also, I won't get paid :) 
HERE'S a cool page with info on how to clear cookies - you can follow its steps: CLEAR COOKIES!

3) Click this banner:                                                        Or here's the text link: 

4) On the page that opens, click JOIN NOW. On the next page, put in your info and click OPEN ACCOUNT. 

5) Download and install Ignition Casino onto your computer.

CONTACT ME and tell me you made an account, and I'll look out for it on my end.

7) Let me know if you'd like help with depositing, or have any questions, etc!