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You may already be familiar with poker staking (also called backing) - it's a financial agreement between two poker people.  The staker (backer) provides money that the player (horse) will play poker with, in exchange for some share of the player's winnings.  It's essentially an investment, like buying shares of stock in a company.  As with all gambling, there's risk - the backer will lose or win depending on several different factors (the player's luck, skill, work ethic, the actual details of the stake, and so on).

There are many reasons why a player might wish to be staked, and it's up to the backer to decide if it's a good choice or not.  The terms of the arrangement are key, to ensure fairness for both sides.

I do some staking - some on my own and some partnering with large well-respected stables.  If you have questions, or are interested in more information or in applying, please send me a message with STAKING as the subject, and tell me your poker background/story, your current goals, and what's on your mind.