SwC Poker (formerly SealswithClubs) is a Bitcoin site that puts you on the cutting edge.

Pros:  The whole setup is anonymous – anyone anywhere can play.  You don’t need to provide any ID, address, proof of age, etc.  Bitcoin deposits take just minutes and withdrawals usually just hours.  The games are soft, the rake is very low, and they have player-to-player transfers.  Version 3.0 (just released) adds a some rake-free tables, a bunch of mixed games, and lots of variants of open-face Chinese poker!

Cons:  Low traffic – currently you'll only find small amounts of NLHE, PLO, mixed games, and OFC.  The software isn't PT/HEM-compatible.

X-factor:   New accounts start out with zero rakeback.  With play over time your rewards level will increase, and your rakeback % will go up.

Any questions? CONTACT ME

Ready to get going? Follow these steps:

​1) Uninstall the SwC Poker (as well as SealswithClubs) software if it's already on your computer.

2) Clear cookies in your internet browser - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  If not done properly, your account won't get tagged to me and I won't be able to help out in future.  Also, I won't get paid :) 
HERE'S a cool page with info on how to clear cookies - you can follow its steps: CLEAR COOKIES!

3) Click this banner:                                                        Or here's the text link:      

4) Click DOWNLOAD NOW and download the client installer.

5) Install the client, open it, click LOG IN, and click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.  In the affiliate code box please put: bigbadbabar

CONTACT ME and tell me the username you chose, and let me know if you need help with anything!

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