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​Online poker often uses the affiliate marketing model. It's a solid system: affiliates (like me) bring new players to a poker site, saving the site money on advertising.  The player plays on the site, making the site money, and the site gives some of this money back to the affiliate.  But what about after the signup?  The right affiliate will look out for you and will help you have a better and more profitable experience.

An honest and enthusiastic affiliate is a big asset to you.  I'm friendly, I love poker, and I want to see you succeed - I was helping people on poker forums years before I ever knew about affiliate stuff!  I'll provide excellent help so you can make the best decisions.  This includes great information and advice now, and assistance with anything that might happen in the future.  

My reputation is important to me and I'm not here to bullshit you.  ​I know a lot about today's online
poker landscape.  Work with me and I'll be in your corner helping you out along the way.

 What's an Affiliate?