​​            Agent site, amazing games, feels more like live poker!

Pros:  Super good games!  Fun "live poker" interface where you "peel" your cards and "swipe" your chips (some people find this weird, but I think it's a main reason the games are great).  Play on any mobile device.  Mainly PLO, some PLO8 and NLHE.  There are many different clubs to choose from, and each one offers different promotions and different games/stakes.

Cons:  You can only play 1 table per device.  To play on a PC, you have to use an emulator.  Not HEM/PT/tracker compatible.  Multi-tabling is possible, but difficult: you'll need multiple devices, or multiple emulator windows running at once.

X-factors Pokerrrr2 uses the agent model - it's essentially a private site - and the only way to gain access is to have an agent (like me) sign you up.  Everything is directly between you and your agent: rakeback, deposits, withdrawals, etc.  
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